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མདུན་ངོས།  ༧རྒྱལ་དབང་མཆོ་གི་བཀའ་སློབ།  མཆོད་རྟེན།  ལོ་རྒྱུས།  ཆོས་ཚོགས།   དྲ་བརྙན།  སྐུ་པར་ཁག   ཡིག་ཚང་།   གསལ་བསྒྲགས།

Latest News

HHK16 Paranirvana Stupa Crowdfunding Campaign Launches (March 1, 2020)… + More

Karmapa 16

His Holiness The Sixteenth Karmapa—Rangjung Rigpe Dorje’s presence created a profound and lasting blessing on all those coming into contact with him. + More

Our Mission

Our mission is to commemorate His Holiness Karmapa 16 with a stupa, memorial, meditation hall, retreat center, and place to learn and study about the history of the Karmapas. + More

Phase 1

Complete! Raised $985,00. Purchased ten-acre property, began Planned Unit Development work. 

Phase 2

Planning/building the the Stupa Temple, the 17th Karmapa's house and finishing the engineering and landscape.

Phase 3

Planning/building retreat houses, garage, shed and beautification of grounds for wildlife. 

Phase 2

Crowdfunding Campaign

Raising $1 Million USD for the Stupa

KC16 is excited to announce the launch of our crowdfunding campaign on GoFundMe! This phase includes building the stupa temple, designating a house for His Holiness the 17th Karmapa, and finishing the engineering and landscaping of the whole compound.

Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 of an estimated $10,000,000 — the cost of building one square foot of the stupa temple amounts to $358. We are also inviting people to contribute their time to the campaign by tracking their acts of kindness and environmental activities.

To contribute to the campaign or to learn more, visit our Karmapa Center 16 Stupa Project GoFundMe page.

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