Save the Dates! Venerable Master Hai Tao at KC16

Join us on Friday, July 22 for a very special occasion—a visit to The Karmapa Center 16 by the Venerable Master Hai Tao!

法師近照-MasterHaiTaoAbout the Venerable Master Hai Tao

Vowing to save the sentient beings from suffering rather than seeking personal happiness” is the code of conduct for the Venerable Master Hai Tao. The Venerable Master Hai Tao is the founder of Compassion for Life Organization. He first became a monk in 1993 after visiting Huei-Rhi Lecture Hall in Taipei; an experience in which he was touched by the Buddha statue’s low brows and gracious eyes”; as well as the relaxing manner of the monks. Upon deeper studying of Buddha Dharma he really appreciated the profound Buddhist philosophy on life. The ideals of the humanistic school of Buddhism of Master Yin-Shun is also a source of great inspiration and the reason for Venerable Hai Tao turning monk. More about the Venerable Master Hai Tao here:

Please see the tentative schedule of events below. Further information and details about how to register/attend will be announced soon.

Thursday, July 21 15:42 Flight Arrives Arrival
Friday, July 22 Morning Tea & Rice Welcome for Venerable Master Hai Tao
Fire Puja with Smoke Offering at The Karmapa Center 16 Fire Puja Offering to the Three Jewels, Dieties and Protectors. Giving to the lower realms and hungry ghosts.
Life Release Near-by sanghas are invited to participate.
Lunch for main guests
Tea & Snacks for participants
Afternoon Possible visit to Cancer Center
Saturday, July 23 14:22 Flight Departs Departure