Saka Dawa

On the great occasion of Saka Dawa, the lamas of the Karmapa Center 16 performed praises and aspirational prayers to the Buddha Shakyamuni, today. On this day, the extraordinary deeds the Buddha manifested 2,600 years ago are remembered by Buddhists all over the world. Dilyak Drupon Rinpoche said that for Tibetan Buddhists, a small difference lies in the way the 15th day of this lunar month day is observed. Some commemorate this full moon day for the Buddha’s deeds of having entered into the womb of his mother, having attained enlightenment and passing into mahaparanirvana. While other Tibetan Buddhists regard his birth, his enlightenment and his passing into mahaparanirvana today. The difference between these two is that the first observes the conception, while the second the birth of the Buddha as the first deed.

Drupon Rinpoche said this lunar month makes special emphasis of six extraordinary deeds of the Buddha. On the seventh day, Tibetan Buddhists remember the Buddha entering his mother’s womb or taking birth; on the eight day, developing renunciation and becoming ordained; and on the 15th day, entering his mother’s womb, or taking birth, overcoming the Mara’s hosts, becoming fully enlightened, and manifesting passing into mahaparanirvana. 

We have to apply these deeds of the Buddha to ourselves so that we can remember that we also can attain enlightenment, said Rinpoche. “We also have the capacity to attain these qualities,” Rinpoche added.