Sixth Story Update: #SpreadHope with a Rainbow in Your Window!

As COVID-19 continues to keep families at home, millions of children around the world are countering anxiety and fear by spreading hope through artwork. 

This global campaign began last month when children in Italy began hanging drawings of rainbows with the phrase “Andrà tutto bene” (“Everything will be alright”) in their windows. Now children (and people of all ages) everywhere are participating.

The international youth empowerment organization, Global Dignity, is promoting this initiative to youth, parents and teachers in 80 countries around the world, with a simple way for sharing that anybody can follow (see details below). 

Karmapa Center 16 is inviting everyone to #SpreadHope this week by inviting their children (or anybody who enjoys painting or drawing) to draw a rainbow and put it in their window as part of this campaign. 

Just follow or share these easy steps to participate: 

On a piece of paper, draw or paint a rainbow.
Add “Everything will be alright” (in your language) below your rainbow, along with any other hopeful messages you’d like.
Take a photo of your rainbow and share it with the KC16 bot via or post it to social media (make sure you use #SpreadHope, #GoKind and #GlobalDignity).
Hang your rainbow in a window to spread hope to your neighbors!

Please help us spread this idea even further by:

Sharing our posts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. 

Encouraging teachers, principals, community leaders, or others you know to have their students take part.
Asking any artists you know to create and post their own rainbow (don’t forget to ask them to use #GoKind #SpreadHope #GlobalDignity in their posts!).

It’s a simple way for children—or people of any age—to support their neighbors, uplift spirits and help calm fears.

Thank you and see you next week!