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མདུན་ངོས།  ༧རྒྱལ་དབང་མཆོ་གི་བཀའ་སློབ།  མཆོད་རྟེན།  ལོ་རྒྱུས།  ཆོས་ཚོགས།   དྲ་བརྙན།  སྐུ་པར་ཁག   ཡིག་ཚང་།   གསལ་བསྒྲགས།

Latest News

KC16 is pleased to announce the program for His Holiness the 16th Karmapa’s Parinirvana Day November 3-5 with teachings by Dzogchen Ponlop Rinpoche, relic blessings and practice. Visit our News page… + More

Karmapa 16

His Holiness The Sixteenth Karmapa—Rangjung Rigpe Dorje’s presence created a profound and lasting blessing on all those coming into contact with him. + More

Our Mission

Our mission is to commemorate His Holiness Karmapa 16 with a stupa, memorial, meditation hall, retreat center, and place to learn and study about the history of the Karmapas. + More

$500,000 USD2.2%

PHASE 2: Planning for and building retreat spaces & operating costs – JUMP START!

Are you committed to the vision of KC16? Be among the first to jump start us into Phase Two. As we write in July of 2017, we have completed the $985,000 USD fundraising goal, purchased the ten-acre plot of land, begun the planning process and land studies. Tara and Mahakala pujas are conducted daily.

In preparation for the campaign launch, we invite your support in maintaining and growing the center.   Full Phase Two details will be announced once permit processing is complete, yet we are targeting $500,000 USD for the “JUMP START”. This phase will focus on planning, developing and building retreat spaces for pilgrims to enjoy the blessings of the sacred space and make a powerful connection through practice.  

Phase 1

Complete! Raised $985,00. Purchased ten-acre property, and began planing 

Phase 2

Planning/building retreat spaces & operating costs

Phase 3

Planning/building the structure for the Stupa and meditation hall

Be Part of this Historical Project — Please Make Your Contribution

Any donation, large or small, will help us attain the great vision of establishing a place for pilgrimage, retreat, study, and refuge, in honor of the Great Mahasiddha Rangjung Rigpe Dorje. 

Donors of $100,000 or more will have their names listed on the stone inscription pillar in the courtyard. Donors of $50,000 or more, but less than $100,000, will have their names inscribed on a memorial plaque at the entryway of the stupa building.